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The Doctor And The Ghul by Sixus1
The Doctor And The Ghul
   One could almost hear the echoes of screams from decades long passed and torments now forgotten. Horace racked another round in the twelve guage as he stepped through the rusted, creaking old doors. Such base devices were a last resort for  Dr. Van Meter, when the preternatural skills he had spent more than a lifetime to aquire simply held no sway. Sometimes, though, he found that in order to deal with a problem, one must resort to old fahioned firepower.
The hallway had grown quiet, the rest of the residents of this forgotten asylum ward put to temporary rest by a series of invocations from Dr. Van Meter, intonements that reached into the power wells of Azathoth and old Yog Sothoth to weave a dreamstate of calming glamour about the bizarre inhabitants of the cells. Still, not all would succumb to such machinations. For some, either consciousness itself was long since lost to a state of anger and bloodlust, while still others could find no rest even in the forced calm of his ancient magics, wrapped as they were in the mortal fear of knowing they were the prisoners of a sadistic and powerful magii.
Shots had been fired in two cells now, as the creature cowered by the door, at once afraid to see the man coming for him, then the next moment, inching his bulbous, somewhat cataracted eyes to the barred window in the door in anticipation. Chains hung from his hands and arms, chains that had been broken from the wall to which he had been held. A gibbering noise came from his throat, filtering out between the rows of sharp teeth that pointed in conflicting directions. The creature knew to be afraid of the doctor, his primitive mind awhirl with fear. Fight or flight was all the remained in him, and there was nowhere here to fly.
The door burst open on the thin limbed being. He hit the floor with a thud, skittering a few feet away and cough-cackling a noise meant to incite fear in his attacker, but which only met derision.
"There you are, you little bastard!", Horace bellowed. "I should have left you there, to cower in the shadows of the Nyhlloghast's lair."
The shotgun's k-chack sound as it cocked sent a visible shudder through the creature, now cowering  in a tearful mess on the floor.
"Something is coming, but you already know that, don't you."
The creature nodded.
"This is your one opportunity, then, to extend your pathetic existence."
Horace stepped forward, towering over the creature, the barrels of his shotgun pointed close enough to it's face that the smell of cordite overpowered it's senses. What lips it had quivvered back past the hideous teeth.
"I know your kind. You are 'ghul', a slave creature at best. You were the last of a group of your kind left to be fed upon by the Nyhlloghast."
The ghul nodded ever so slightly.
"And you recall exactly who dropped you into it's lair?"
Nodding again.
"And if I show her to you, you will point her out, yes?"
Another nod.
"And if I said her name?"
Once more, a nod.
"The Seneschal?"
The ghul froze, stock still on the floor beneath the shotgun, his head slowly, almost painfully lowering to show his affirmation of the doctor's statement.
"Get up. You will come with me. Your lack of verbal abilities aside, I believe I may have use for you yet."
As Dr. Van Meter withdrew the gun, the ghul slowly gathered himself, his hunkering form taking it's place beside the doctor as they walked back to the way the old man had came, the poor, malformed creature unsure as to whether it would have been better to have lied and died on the floor.
In The Net by Sixus1
In The Net
new piece called "In the Net" focusing one of my own H. P. Lovecraft inspired critters, the Nyhlloghast. LOTS of stuff in this scene either new or new interations on old favorites coming very, very soon!


United States
I don't like talking about myself. I'd rather talk about what I do, make, or am interested in, so that's what I'll do here. I've been a professional artist since graduating high school, providing paintings and illustrations for more books, magazines, comics and private clients than I can honestly remember at this point. I'm an obsessive workaholic, which is both a strength and a weakness in that it can definitely lead to other parts of my life suffering somewhat, but I'm pretty much ok with it. 3D art became a kind of obsession for me starting in the early-mid 90's when, while working as a production artist for a large sports memorabilia, I had my first encounter with Ray Dream, Infini-D and the first version of Poser, then from Metacreations. It may be dating myself here, but I think I've had a very fortunate vantage point on the explosion of art, technology and communication because of being just old enough to have had to begun my career without the internet, but also just young enough to have evolved right alongside it. Back in the day, I produced my first personal 3d art pieces using a home-built PC with a 90mhz Pentium and a whopping 96 megs of ram, running 3D Studio DOS and eventually, Max... blazing
for it's day. Over the years, my tools changed as they did for most, evolving with the times. Max gave way to Maya for me, and Zbrush became a primary tool. I've had the good fortune to have gone on from my roots in comic book illustration, something I still love dearly, to have a wide variety of experiences in gaming, broadcast and film animation. In 2000, my wife, Rebekah and I, struck out on our own, taking my online moniker of Sixus1 and turning it into the business, Sixus1 Media, which we have to this day.

Thanks for checking out my work. Hopefully there's something in my visual ramblings that might appeal to you. And if not, well... thanks anyway. :) -Les

Current Residence: Cincinnati, OH
Just a quick note here to say how much I appreciate seeing this new group on here. It's cool to know that there are some folks out there who dig the work Rebekah and I do enough to say such kind things and start up something like this. Whether it gets a ton of traffic or only stays a small thing among a close group of folks, it's still just a really amazing compliment and I am incredibly humbled. So grateful for the folks who watch for my artwork out there and who support what I do as an artist and producer of 3D content.

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tiggersprings Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the Gigli line. If you're thinking of expanding it in the future, how about a frog, gargoyle, and owl in the same style?
SkylineStudio4 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey man what did you do with all your cool Horror stuff that was on Runtime DNA? Its all gone. I remember wanting to buy some of it, then I realized it was taken down. Couldn't find it anywhere else. 
FarEastAdventure Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your Customer Appreciation Day Sale was much appreciated.  Thank you!
phraught Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta say, I love your Nyhloghast.   Besides looking absolutely amazing, the available variations are really great.   I'm particularly impressed with how well the entire product is structured - very professional!    Also got the Morphing Tutorial - only part way through so far - but it gave me the hints I needed. 

Mavrosh Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Professional General Artist
The Gift by Mavrosh

Thank you so much for creating the Meowl. This is something that was terribly needed and inspired me right away. It is such a cute thing and the "forgot to pull back the tongue" dial made me laugh so much...

Have a grea sunday!
Sixus1 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
You are most certainly welcome!
Borkuu Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Great to see ye Les, give my affection to Beckah. and again thanx for all the great critters and scenes.
Sixus1 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
will do!
Sixus1 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
Hey folks! Got some questions for y'all...

1. Name a creature you'd like to see as a Sixus1 release for Poser. Can be anything so long as it isn't a copyright held by someone. 
2. Name a topic you'd like to see a Sixus1 tutorial video cover. Tiggersprings: your magnet request is in the works...
3. Name a classic comic book character you'd like to see my take on in traditional media, not 3d. 
4. Name your favorite "odd" food. Yup. Has nothing to do with art. But I love trying all kinds of crazy foods, so... there. :)

and.... Go!
tiggersprings Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1.  Oh... Animals. A Hedgehog would be great.  I don't know if it's possible.

2. I thought I replied before on the magnet tut: You've made me very happy. :) 

I love the morph tool tutorial. I'm finding my growing skill at using it very, very handy. I still need practice, but... LOL

3. Erm... Don't follow comics much... Wolverine?

4. Odd food... Dairy? I'm allergic... :(
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